Marvelous Mud:
Art of a Motor City Master

The ART and LIFE 

of William (Bill) J. Girard Jr.

 June 8, 1940 - Royal Oak, Michigan

February 5, 2011  - Royal Oak, Michigan

There's nothing to be afraid of. It's just mud.

Bill loved to play with mud

"Paint," Bill said, "is just colored mud." Clay, lead, silver, bronze, wax:  all mud. No one loved playing with mud more than Bill.  His mud was witty, mischievous and irreverent. Sometimes sexy. Always fun.

Some say Bill taught mud to talk!

Some couldn't hear it. Some wouldn't.  But I did. Hell, it sang to me. Anyway, enough folks heard it, or heard about it, to keep Bill busy teaching mud to talk nearly all of his life.

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Few of the images shared here were captured by professional photographers...

with access to controlled lighting,  studio conditions and sufficient time to do their best work.

Most these images were shared by "Friends of Bill."   


Hopefully, the power of the pieces transcends the flaws of their presentation. 

To put this in perspective, little about Bill’s life was ideal – aside from his work,  his work ethic and kind heart. Why should this be any different?


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