These murals were commissioned for the home of a family several hours drive outside the metro  Detroit area. 

The drive was wearisome. But Bill both needed the money and loved the family involved. The photos were shared with me by Bill, himself.

I  imagine that in particularly dismal winters these murals must be an endless source of joy.

I hope that they are well maintained. 

The Face of Buddha

A theater of the mind's eye - but what a beautiful mind.

A tropical paradise created by a man who hated traveling and never went abroad - except, perhaps, to Canada.

It seems that Bill turned a home into a House of Prayer. A monument to inner peace.

Who wouldn't want to live in  - or visit - such a lovely shrine. 

I  never fully understood why Bill prized this family so much until this moment. 

Though I do not know them, really, I love them, myself. As Bill obviously did.